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Wellness and relaxation in nearby spas and free hot springs of Tuscany

Locanda in Tuscany allows you to fully enjoy the beauty and richness of the Tuscan landscape. From the countryside of Castiglione d’Orcia, you can easily reach some of the best natural spas in Tuscany, which you can access for free or against payment. Below we have listed them in order of proximity to our resort.

Learn more about the history and characteristics of each of the spa towns and thermal baths. If you want to indulge in rejuvenating body and mind care, plan a stay at our resort in Val d’Orcia: it is a perfect strategic point to reach many of Tuscany’s spa centers and free hot springs, the ideal facility for a wellness vacation.

The free hot springs of Bagno Vignoni and Parco dei Mulini

In addition to housing an ancient, non-bathing thermal pool in the central square, the charming stone hamlet in the Sienese region, near the Via Francigena, is home to a rectangular pool along the Orcia River, where sulfurous waters are collected. At the free thermal baths of Bagno Vignoni there are no services, but the space is perfect for enjoying maximum relaxation: the influx of tourism is very low and you can bathe in the hot thermal waters for free.

From the village it is easy to get to Parco dei Mulini: an ancient canal system dating back to the 12th century, which can be reached via a well-marked path that opens among the aromatic lentisk bushes typical of the local Mediterranean scrub.

The natural hot springs of Bagni San Filippo and the Whale Falls

In southern Tuscany, between the Val d’Orcia and Mount Amiata, Bagni San Filippo offers an enchanting, wild landscape with small waterfalls and hot pools surrounded by a lush forest. The free hot springs Il Fosso Bianco are characterized by the light color of the sulfurous waters and limestone formations, which are contrasted by the green of the dense forest.

Walking along a path that skirts the small river, you arrive at the White Whale Waterfall, a limestone formation so named for its resemblance to the mouth of the cetacean. Here the water flows hot, gushing out of the spring at 48 °C – the ideal place for bathing even out of season.

San Casciano dei Bagni: free spas in Val di Chiana

Famous for spas and thermal baths, the town of San Casciano dei Bagni is also home to completely free natural pools, which are less impressive and well-known than the nearby spas of Bagni San Filippo and Saturnia, but still worth visiting.

From Via Fontanaccia, walk down 200 meters until you reach a parking lot on the left. Continue down the road on foot to the first pool. The area is served with a fire grill and tables for those who wish to stop for a picnic in nature. A few hundred meters further on are 2 more natural pools, Bagno Grande and Bagno Boscolo, and a very small one where you can soak on your own, all carved out of stone.

Natural spas in Chianciano Terme

The town in the province of Siena is famous for the presence of spa centers, where you can enjoy the disparate benefits of sulfurous waters for the skin and body. Among the best we suggest:

  • Terme di Chianciano: a complex of indoor and outdoor pools, with a wellness center and a section for therapeutic treatments;
  • Sensory Spa: characterized by the special combination of classical spa treatments and Eastern philosophies;
  • Parco Acqua Santa: a 7-hectare complex surrounded by ancient trees, where water gushes from a cave at 33°C, and which also includes other facilities (bars, shopping, live music);
  • Theia thermal pools or “Baths of the Etruscans”: 4 natural outdoor pools and 3 indoor pools connected to each other. A complex with all amenities, including Wi-Fi and an area for children;
  • Terme Sillene: recommended for physical therapy treatments, with a medical team specializing in rheumatology and orthopedics. Mud therapy and hydrocolon therapy are also performed.

Rapolano Terme: sulfur waters near the Crete Senesi

The town in the province of Siena is a strategic point from which to explore the picturesque Crete Senesi, an incredible combination of hills and rows of vineyards in the heart of Tuscany. It is home to 2 spas:

  • Terme Antica Querciaiola, close to the city center, offers the possibility of cold, temperate and hot baths, and is affiliated with the National Health Service for the treatment of respiratory and osteoarticular pathologies;
  • Terme San Giovanni, outside the town, spreads over a 20-hectare complex with mud and natural thermal waters at 39 °C.

Terme di Saturnia: spa resorts and Waterfalls of the Mill

The famous Saturnia hot springs are located 15 km from the center of Manciano, a town in the province of Grosseto that can be reached in about an hour and a half by car from our resort. The complex includes spa centers as well as free hot springs.

The Saturnia Thermal Park, which charges a fee, is among the largest in Europe and consists of 5 outdoor pools, whirlpools and hot and cold water paths, 2 children’s pools, as well as locker rooms, a restaurant and a spa center.

The most representative postcard of Saturnia’s thermal baths, however, is the Cascate del Mulino: a set of small waterfalls and limestone pools formed over the centuries by the flow of the Gorello thermal stream. Saturnia’s free thermal baths are extremely impressive because of their location: they are in fact overlooked by an ancient stone mill. Admission is free. There are no services, except for a small bar and free parking.

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• richiederne l’aggiornamento, la rettifica, l’integrazione, la cancellazione, la trasformazione in forma anonima, il blocco dei dati trattati in violazione di legge, ivi compresi quelli non più necessari al perseguimento degli scopi per i quali sono stati raccolti;
• nei casi di trattamento basato su consenso, ricevere al solo costo dell’eventuale supporto, i suoi dati forniti al titolare, in forma strutturata e leggibile da un elaboratore di dati e in un formato comunemente usato da un dispositivo elettronico;
• il diritto di presentare un reclamo all’Autorità di controllo (Garante Privacy – link alla pagina del Garante); • nonché, più in generale, esercitare tutti i diritti che gli sono riconosciuti dalle vigenti disposizioni di legge. Le richieste vanno rivolte al Titolare del trattamento. Nel caso in cui i dati siano trattati in base ai legittimi interessi sono comunque garantiti i diritti degli interessati al trattamento (tranne il diritto alla portabilità che non è previsto dalle norme), in particolare il diritto di opposizione al trattamento che può essere esercitato inviando una richiesta al titolare del trattamento.


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Privacy Policy

Locanda In Tuscany Società Agricola Semplice di Giuliani C. & C. (di seguito Locanda in Tuscany), nel pieno rispetto del D. Lgs. 196/03, tratta i dati personali.

Informativa sul trattamento dei dati personali

I dati vengono inseriti nell’archivio informatico di Locanda In Tuscany solo e soltanto dopo aver acquisito il consenso del Cliente fatti salvi i casi di cui all’art. 24 dello stesso decreto.

Principi di correttezza, liceità, trasparenza e di tutela della riservatezza e dei diritti, questi sono i criteri con i quali Locanda in Tuscany. effettua il trattamento dei dati.

Informiamo inoltre che, ai sensi dell’art. 13 del D. Lgs. 196/03:

  1. I dati vengono raccolti per diverse finalità: contrattuali, amministrativo-contabili, statistica oltre che per l’instaurazione di normali contatti commerciali, il trattamento avviene con due diversi sistemi: manuale e informatico;
  2. La natura del conferimento dei dati è facoltativa;
  3. In caso di diniego del conferimento dei dati verrano meno le condizioni per il raggiungimento delle finalità di cui al punto 1;
  4. I dati acquisiti tramite nostra richiesta / Suo contatto potranno essere comunicati a spedizionieri, corrieri, consulenti per l’attuazione delle finalità sopra indicate nonchè per ulteriori iniziative di marketing, di pubblicità, di promozione e di ricerche di mercato;
  5. Ai titolari e ai responsabili del trattamento, presenti in Azienda, potrà rivolgerSi per far valere i Suoi diritti così come previsti dall’art. 7 del decreto: la conferma dell’esistenza o meno dei dati che La riguardano; la cancellazione, la trasformazione in forma anonima ed il blocco dei dati trattati in violazione di legge; l’aggiornamento, la rettifica ovvero l’integrazione dei dati; l’attestazione che le operazioni descritte sono state portate a conoscenza di coloro ai quali i dati sono stati comunicati o diffusi;
  6. Titolare del trattamento è Locanda in Tuscany;
  7. Responsabile del trattamento è Locanda in Tuscany;
  8. L’elenco completo dei responsabili è disponibile presso la sede di Locanda in Tuscany.


Il Cliente, acquisite le informazioni di cui all’articolo 13 del D. Lgs. 196/03, acconsente al trattamento dei propri dati personali nei limiti indicati nell’informativa che dichiara di avere ricevuto e letto.

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- Locanda in Tuscany will open on june 20th -



To slow down the spread of the Covid-19, extraordinary measures were taken in all Italian regions until the 3rd of May.


Italy is running thousands of tests to detect cases of contagions and taking appropriate measures: home isolation and hospitalization, only when necessary.


The National and Regional Governments are running severe controls in all the areas where cases of Covid-19 were registered.

Last updated on May 14th, 2020. Please follow only the official updates on the Government Website.

Today the percentage of ICU patients has dropped to 1 %



The Italian Governament activated extraordinary measures to contain the spread of the virus
Isolation has been applied in suspicious cases, even in absence of symptoms
Italian citizens have access to the highest level of health monitoring
Population is constantly informed on how to limit the risk of contagion and invited not to move if not necessary, avoiding crowded places. 

The Department keeps up its daily commitment working with all the components and operational structures of the National Civil Protection Service.  In particular, with regard to health monitoring operations to contain the spread of Coronavirus across national territory, to present date, that is May 4, the total number of infected persons is 211.938, with an increase of 1.221 new cases compared to yesterday. The current total of positive cases is 99.980 resulting in a decrease of 199 cases.



Keep up to date only through the official sources (i.e. local Governments, World Health Organization), don’t believe and share alarming news.


Contact your hotel to have updated and correct information about the destination of your trip and arrange possible changes to your reservation.