An Experience for the Senses
Tuscan Flavors: Enhancing Val d'Orcia's Heritage
The Italian word for host (ospite) defines both the person offering hospitality and the one who receives it: host and guest overlap and intertwine. Inspired by this ideal of cohesion, we aim at evolving in harmony with those who choose our resort for their stay in Tuscany, as well as with our collaborators and with the land itself. At the Locanda, luxury is quintessential: it is about getting a unique experience of the territory, a taste of Tuscany, a touch of it. The pleasures given by the typical Tuscan flavors, by the colors and scents of the landscape, constitute the richness of Val d’Orcia that we want to celebrate with Amore Toscano: a project inspired by the love for this region, initiated in 2020 in collaboration with local craftsmen and producers. Our shared aim is to enhance the territorial heritage of Val d’Orcia: a set of historical, natural, cultural, and commercial resources resulting from the co-evolution between settlements and natural environment.
An Experience for the Senses
Taste of Tuscany
We select natural and mostly organic products from our trusted suppliers in the Tuscan countryside. You can find them in your room’s minibar, on the breakfast buffet, but also at lunch and dinner at the Taverna di Mozart or during an aperitif by the pool. Large-scale distribution and commercial brands give way to Tuscan food specialties and local products, such as gin and “spuma” produced in Val d’Orcia, flours ground from ancient grains and homemade pasta.
An Experience for the Senses
Wellness and Tuscan gastronomy
For Amore Toscano we collaborate with wellness centers, spas and thermal resorts of Val d’Orcia. Our business partners also include bars, restaurants and wineries that guarantee the highest quality of Tuscan flavors.
An Experience for the Senses
Craftmanship and art of Tuscany
We collaborate with fashion ateliers, professionals in the textile sector, wedding dress designers, and artisans specialized in the production of bags and leather accessories, but also with local painters and visual artists. Together we aim to rejuvenate an economy that cares for the territory in which it is rooted.
An Experience for the Senses
Events and weddings in Tuscany
Choose an exclusive location for your wedding in Tuscany: now you can celebrate it in our lavender grove, as well as in a wheat field. As part of the Amore Toscano project, in line with the goal of enhancing the territorial heritage, we have created a lavender plant: an intervention aimed at recovering the landscape without spoiling it. The field consists of 4000 plants sowed between 2020 and 2021 that emphasize the beauty of Val d’Orcia, the colors and scents of Tuscan countryside. The field provides a model for sustainable development: harvested by hand in July and August, lavender is dried and used in the kitchen, for the preparation of cocktails and desserts, and in the bedrooms, to perfume cabinets and drawers. Contact us for organizing any outdoor events and weddings in Tuscany, enjoying the breath-taking view over the valley.

Come, immerse yourself in the warmth of our hospitality, and allow us to introduce you to the heart and soul of Val d'Orcia at Locanda in Tuscany.