The heart and soul behind Locanda
Discover who Makes your Stay Unforgettable
We are trying to progress in harmony with our Guests but most of all with our surroundings and our co-workers. Each one of them, in its daily routine and area of expertise, is encouraged to contribute at its best. The continuous flow of ideas and creativity is a gift we offer to our Guests, together with the unique and unforgettable experience of our amazing Val d’Orcia, UNESCO World Heritage Center.

Welcome to Locanda in Tuscany, where luxury meets love in the heart of Tuscany!
Claudia Giuliani

General Manager

Luca Bernetti


Marika Monaci

Deputy Manager

Tina Pinzi


Francesco Lippolis

Restaurant Supervisor

Fatiha Assraoui

Chamber Maid

Roberto Ottaviani


Immergiti nel calore dell'ospitalità toscana e scopri il cuore e l'anima della Val d'Orcia presso la nostra Locanda in Tuscany.